Gifting Love, Flavor, and Experience the SOS Way

Why do we make gift sets? Not only do they present ingredients that orchestrate beautifully on the palette, but they embody an experience that goes far beyond flavor. 

Our sets are curated with a love and intention informed by decades of using ingredients as expressions. Some combinations articulate a certain personality, like the Set For Artists, whose components double as pigments for vibrant paints when combined with a splash of rose water. Others are the perfect message for a celebration to ring in the new year, or for the restorative moments after bringing to the world new life. All are crafted with the finest ingredients that have histories of their own to contribute to the recipient’s new story.

Simply by tasting a note of flavor, one can be transported to another place--another climate, another landscape, another world. Our destination sets exemplify our search for authenticity, bringing to you the nuances of international cuisines steeped in cultural history. We see them as our ode to the unique craft of each location. Wherever you may be, these collections are your medium to the exploration of world travel.

After thoughtfully choosing the products, we present our sets laid out on traditional Tunisian trays, which are usually reserved for the most special guests of the home. But what occasion is more special than the gifting of food? In food lies the ultimate ability to share love; by giving provisions, one gives nourishment, the essential ingredient for life. No matter the occasion of delivery, the message of love will be clear.

Less is more 🐝