We are thrilled to offer a special collaboration with Jason Rosenthal of Brick + Dough. Evolving from an exploration of a single ingredient developed into different variations on a theme. Starting as a blend of 4 kinds of sesame(white, black raw, toasted, and plum sesame) adding givre de sel, yuzu zest, and much love. Once we started with that we saw so many possibilities. We are so excited for you to taste the final selection to include a Blend, Paste and Pickle version which are incredibly versatile and will instantly enhance a variety of dishes. 



Toasted Black Sesame Seeds 

Toasted White Sesame Seeds 

White Sesame Seeds

Japanese Plum Sesame Seeds



About SOS Collaborations

We are excited to share a curated collection of products from New York City’s most beloved chefs. SOS Chefs Collaborations is a platform for chefs to share their past favorites and future hits with you.

This year has undoubtedly been a challenging one that has left the restaurant community shaken to its core. Here at SOS Chefs we have felt so lucky to be a part of the creative process for so many chefs over the years, our doors have always been open, and although things look differently these days, we want to continue to be a resource and platform for the culinary creatives we hold so dear. Each collaboration allows your favorite chefs to bring you back into their world, if not on a plate, in a jar, a bottle, or a sachet.