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Does your kitchen pantry need an upgrade? Look no further — we’ve teamed up with our friends at Casanoto to ignite your senses with an exclusive, decadent SOS X Casanoto blend box. Inspired by love and the flavor and scent of the rose, our collaborative box will fill your cupboard and satisfy your sense of taste and smell. Everything is edible; the box includes: rosewater, apricot vinegar, rose peppercorns, rose salt, rose harissa, plum sesame, and rose honey.


The box includes:

rosewater 8oz

rose vinegar 8oz

apricot vinegar 8oz

rose peppercorns 2oz

rose salt 2oz

rose harissa 4oz

plum sesame 2oz

rose honey 4oz


About the collaboration 

Our collaboration came about so organically and spontaneously. Two women born on the same day, two moms -- our kids attend the same school, we both love to eat, appreciate beautiful things, and share the same interest in bees.

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