A Bean For Every Occasion

The humble bean has always been one of our favorite products in the shop. We carry over 30 different varieties from UC Davis, all with their own unique color, texture, and flavor profile. These beans are an excellent way for a chef to spruce up their menus and a home cook to stock their pantry, they’re a bang for your buck and we cannot recommend them enough.


What Did Quarantine Do To Beans?

Over the years we have never seen a demand for beans and legumes as we did through Covid-19. Why? Because they are the perfect pantry staple. Nutritionally dense, versatile, shelf stable, and very easy to store, a pound of beans may be the trick up your sleeve that turns typical weeknight dinner into a hearty, bountiful meal.


How Do You Recommend I Cook My Beans?

We could write a book on beans and all the different ways to use them. We recommend you soak your beans overnight in the fridge to par-cook them. Then, when you’re ready, you can add them to stews, soups, and braises. If you’re braising your beans, try incorporating an avocado leaf to impart flavor and aid in digestion (aka less gas). We love making a cold bean salad with lots of good olive oil, flaky salt, greens, herbs, and lemon juice, Small White Beans work well for this. Fava Beans are another favorite at the shop, we cook them until nice and soft, then mash them up into a tahini like paste with olive oil and cumin. Beans transcend cuisine, whether it’s a Moroccan Harira with lentils or a South American chili laden Black Turtle Bean dish, the possibilities are endless.


Holiday Bean Recommendations?

Green Eyed Peas or Green Lentils of course! Eat them for good luck and to bring in a prosperous New Year as they resemble coins. This Italian tradition is one of our favorites.


Does SOS Make Bean Blends?

No, and here’s why. Each bean cooks differently, some hold their firmness beautifully throughout the braising process, and others have a buttery, soft texture ideal for soups and purees. We like to highlight each beans particular skill set, understanding that while they work well together, they need individual attention while cooking.


What’s Your Best Selling Bean?

Black Beluga Lentils

Our best selling bean is not a bean at all! It’s a small shiny black lentil that resembles caviar when cooked. Add these to salads or soups for heartiness, or serve them on their own cooked with warm spices and some flaky salt on top.


What Bean Do Chefs Adore The Most?

Runner Cannellini Bean 

These beans are preferred to Cannellini Beans because of their large size and buttery, potato-like flavor. They are delicious in casseroles, soups, stews and salads.