Fall is Coming: Burgundy Truffles

The Summer is starting to wrap up and welcome in the Fall. We are ready to bring you beautiful Fall products like the beautiful burgundy truffles. Burgundy truffles (tuber uncinatum) are precious fungus that grows a few inches down in the earth, in intertwined with the roots of hardwood trees like oaks, chestnut, hazelnut and hornbeam. Burgundy truffles are dark, with a rough skin and large, diamond-shaped points. When sliced, they display a veined, coffee colored flesh. The aromas are less intense than the black winter truffle, instead offering a delicate, hazelnut-like aroma. The more you transition through the seasons, the more better the truffle. Burgundy truffles are in-between the Summer and the Fall. Burgundy truffles prepares you for the winter truffle to really make your dishes something special. But don’t let that stop your interest in the Burgundy truffle, it is best consumed raw, shaved over pasta, rice, egg or potato dishes. With a picking season from September to December, the burgundy truffle can also be used in a traditional sauce of warm olive oil, garlic, salt, and pepper. Make sure we see you in the Fall, we have some great things to show you!