Hot Drinks Keeping You Cool!

Hey there! Are you staying cool this summer? Or you can’t find a way to keep yourself cool? Well look no further we have the answer right here! It is simply to drink hot drinks to keep you cool. Now we know that sounds bizarre but there is actual scientific research behind it.  According to the neuroscientist at the University of Cambridge, Professor Peter McNaughton, if you consume hot beverages, such as tea or hot water, will raise your core body temperature which increases you sweating. The nerves in our mouths respond to the hotness of the beverage, which stimulates the brain to produce more sweat. As it evaporates, the sweat effectively cools you down. Even with the skin water evaporates very quickly from the skin. And when the water evaporates, it’s what cools you down. We have over 20 different products that you can prepare hot drinks with! We have everything from Dry Lavender to Ceylon Tea, and they are from all over the world! Feeling a little hot? Try a hot drink with SOS Chefs, we’ll keep you cool!