Recycle Your Fruit Skin!

Orange peelings, Lemon Peelings, and other peeling of fruits are things we typically throw away thinking that it is waste. What if I told you that it isn’t waste that in some cases it is actually more healthier than the fruit itself? Orange peels are handy dandy peels that works wonders. Orange peels have amazing medicinal powers that can leave you feeling super! It can remove any sluggishness in the abdomen, remove gas, heartburn, vomiting and relieving nausea. Orange peels are also great at promoting regular liver function. They are great for the skin, removing dark spots, blemishes and balances oily skin leaving your skin smooth and soft. Lemon peelings can regulate blood pressure, maintain bone strength, great for teeth whitening, weight loss, and protects against fungal bacterial infections. Pomegranate skin is filled with antioxidants and is excellent for stomach ulcers. Even Banana peelings are super versatile and can help your body, along with everyday things around your house. You can actually eat banana peelings getting way more nutrients, fiber and antioxidants into your body. You can boil them in water for 10 minutes, put them in a juicer and mix them with other fruits for a healthy drink. You can use banana peelings in boiling water to tenderize your meats, take care of your plants and even to polish your leather and silver. We have an interesting variety of peelings and skins that you can find many uses for, and the next time you are eating a fruit with a skin think twice before throwing it away because it is better for you than you think.