Our Mantra: Words to Live By

SOS is constantly changing--with each year we complete, with the transition of each season, and with each new day we see. Change means growth, and we embrace it. 

If you have been with us for a while now, you may have noticed one small thing we mix up every now and then. It’s a tiny detail, but it comes from the heart to reach our audience with every interaction we have: our mantra.

“We look forward to telling you stories,” encapsulated our promise to share the universe of knowledge within our products. We hoped to convey the beauty of minimalism and simplicity in the idea that “Less is more.” Now, a simple motto makes this year’s signature: “Be good.”

When you see these words the seed is planted for your own growth. It is when they are incorporated intentionally into each day that they become something to live by. A mantra teaches you in sometimes imperceptible ways to learn from your mistakes, recognize room for improvement, and move forward with more wisdom. These lessons and experiences add up, creating a new, more enlightened version of you each year.

It’s important to take time with yourself when seeking improvement, and to take each day as the next small step. But while doing so, it is just as key to open your mind to the world of possibilities that you can reach. We hope our words help you in this journey.


🐝 good.