There is no better feeling than walking into an immaculate kitchen after a night full of guests -- it’s the kind of scene that makes you pause. With it comes a deep breath, a moment of pride, and one less thing on your plate for a new day.

Giving love to a kitchen in disarray may seem like a daunting, low-reward mundane when it’s the last thing left to greet you after the holiday bash has settled down. But the act of restoring your space and the satisfaction that ensues is worth more than the hassle of a bit of upkeep. With the right perspective, it can even be a meditative enhancement to your at-home galas.

A reflection of who you are, the kitchen allows you to express yourself and find harmony unlike anywhere else. Begin finding it in mindful cleaning: reset and make room for new moments while reflecting on those that made the mess in the first place. Take the task as the balance to the revelry of celebration, and the sign of a well-deserved, necessary splurge. Add a final touch of beauty with fresh flowers and fine incense. 

If you feel a deeper cleanse is in order, stay in touch for an opportunity to give your space a refresher from within with a little help from our kitchen expert.


Less is more 🐝