saffron vinegar

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Saffron Vinegar
Color of fire!
Tangy luxury. A vinegar that provides you with a multitude of options for all your senses.
Absolutely delicious on your oyster as a mignonette or a drop on your shrimp cocktail.
A spoon of it will cancel out any hangover.

A small batch has been in the making since February 2021.
When you work with products as noble as saffron your approach and your attempts are more careful, measured, and mindful.
Fermenting 250g of saffron in rose water was my first step. Blooming the saffron and then put it to rest for 6 long months. I didn’t see it, touch it, or talk about it. This mysterious crocus needs privacy.
In the past I have tried to make a couple of batches unsuccessfully. finally I came to realize that checking on it, and disturbing it, by sharing it with others- she didn’t like it at all.


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