The Many Wonders of Fruit Puree!

Hey there! We have a very interesting product to talk about this week and it is……Boiron fruit purees. These purees are used by almost everyone from mixologists and pastry chefs to moms and dads that cook at home. The packaging for this product is very convenient and a great space saver making it easy to store in your freezer and easy to access when you need a quick scoop.  There is just an unlimited amount of things you can do with these purees and with them being 100% natural you can’t go wrong. Although some purees are made with 10% sugar it is still way healthier then sugary juices and sodas. They are made with only the best and ripest fruits, not only that but certain production methods are adapted to every fruit and vegetable so that they can maintain all of their original qualities. They make great ice cream, gelato, drinks/fruity cocktails, smoothies, sweet ice cubes to add to drinks, and great healthy drinks for kids. Here at SOS Chefs we have over 60 different flavors of this wonderful puree for you to go crazy over. Summer is coming and with these fruity purees you can always stay cool!