Revelation, Reset, and Evolution

It feels like the world is finally emerging from a two plus-year hiatus of our usual, social activity. In the wake of careful and necessary health regulations, the restaurant and food world are recovering from their own set restrictions. Family banquets can once again be shared at communal tables. Printed menus are phasing out the distracting phone scanning-and-tapping routine before a meal.

For an unfortunate number of establishments, these changes are emerging after the end of their run in the industry. But for those who found fortune in the support of their community, this forced “reset” presents an opportunity for experimentation and rethinking of intentions, relationships with consumers, and the value of in-person experiences.

At SOS we feel especially grateful to our dedicated community in this time of regeneration for sticking with us through the challenges. In 2006, we shifted from a wholesale-only operation and began carefully opening to the public, wanting to accommodate our neighbors with the same personalized service and access to our chefs’ premium selection.

The pandemic pushed us organically to focus on retail after the sudden disappearance of dining out--we prioritized catering to private kitchen parties and to the new reality of staying home, without the sacrifice of a well-prepared meal. The response was incredible. We have been fortunate to have left a mark on the most beautiful kitchens in restaurants, hotels, and private homes alike as our products continue to grace the shelves of passionate cooks in plenty.

While restaurants are coming back in full swing with improved technology and a heartening sense of innovation, we had the opportunity to revisit the heart of our own identity. Before the pandemic, our opening hours stretched from early morning to late evenings. Packaging and aesthetics were not a priority so long as our chefs were provided the best quality ingredients (but preferably no glass, please!). It was a very demanding environment to meet the needs of our beloved industry.

Now, we have discovered the importance of packaging and presentation, and the magic a vessel can bring to a product. We have adjusted our working hours to maintain a quality and unforgettable experience, as well as focus more on our two sons who need us just as much as our community. And we have added another tool to our repertoire: the undoubtable impact of social media.

With these revelations, we feel more excited, invigorated, and free in imagining our evolution from here.

Less is more 🐝