New Oils From Provence!

Hey there, we just got a great shipment of new oils from Provence! Four amazing, flavor packed, oils that are great for all kinds of cooking and rich with all natural antioxidants. They are known as AOC Provence, Huile D’Olive De France, La Broutignan, and Huile Au Cedrat. They come in many different flavors. For example AOC Provence is a very delicate oil that is not very oily and has the aromas of cut grass, apple tomato and raw artichoke. It is perfect for salads, steam-cooked vegetables, mashed potatoes and ideal to be paired with hot goat cheese. Huile D’Olive De France has a great herbal taste and the aromas of artichoke, asparagus and almond. It is great as a dressing for salads, but can also dress vegetable soup, and fresh pasta. La Broutignan, when the olives are picked for this oil they are more than mature and kept in stock a short period of time in the mill before being pressed. This is a very sweet oil, and can be used in salads, pastry, seafood and also spicy dishes from the Mediterranean. Last but not least the Huile Au Cedrat oil, Cedrat is a variety of lemon from Corsica and it is ground along with olives. An Oil with an amazing fresh taste and an awesome flavor of citrus fruit. Great when paired with fish, salad, or white meat. Come get one of these amazing oils and create something amazing!