Guess who stopped by?!?

Known as one of the great mixologist of all time Jim Meehan did us a great honor by coming by, looking for ingredients for his next amazing drink! In 1995 is when it all began, he started as a student at University of Wisconsin at Madison. In 2001 he made his way to New York City and since then has been a star mixologist. Now he works at PDT, Please Don’t Tell, awarded for being “the world’s best cocktail bar” in 2009. It is located 113 Saint Marks Place New York, NY 10009. Known as the awesome cocktail renaissance man, Jim Meehan has also contributed to the Food & Wine’s annual cocktail book,,, Mr. Boston’s Bartender Guide, Sommelier Journal, and The New York Times.

So come on by you’ll never know who you’ll run into!