Great Flours

Love to bake? Well, let’s talk about your typical main ingredient, flour. Flour is basically a powdered form of cereal grains, beans, seeds, nuts or roots.  It is the main ingredient for breads and other baked goods. There are over 30 different types of flours and the list is continuing to grow more as new ingredients are being turned into flour. There are lots of innovation that is beginning to brew with these new flours. Now-a-days flours are being made without gluten, chefs all over the world are using these flours to create gluten free pastas and many baked goods.  Just to name a few, there is lentil, tapioca, 00, flours made from nuts such as chestnut, and almond.  Flours have many nutrients, vitamins and can create different textures, fluffiness, and rises for baked goods. Here at SOS Chef we carry over 15 different flours for you to get your hands on to bake and cook to get something really amazing!