Flower Extracts!

When you walk down the streets of your neighborhood the scents of the beautiful Summer flowers hit the air letting you know that Summer is in full bloom. We have beautiful flower extracts that will add a hint of summer and beauty everywhere you put it. We have the beautiful scents lavender,  jasmine,  orange blossom, orchid, and rose. They are all 100% percent natural and serve many purposes in dishes, drinks, skin & beauty. Floral extracts are really big with mixologist, all the hottest club and bars use floral extracts to highlight their drinks and make them unique. In France a lot of floral extracts are used to make a fruit paste called Pate de fruits, a great treat that has the perfect balance of sweetness and tartness. They are also used in ice cream, sorbet, baking and deserts. Floral extracts can even be used as a perfume, it is great for your skin and perfect for a relaxing bubble bath. If you drink it in water, it makes a healthy drink and when you sweat you will smell like a beautiful flower. It’s Summer, the flowers are in bloom and you should be in bloom too!